It’s 51 days until Justin Bieber‘s ‘Believe’ lands in stores and it’ll be double the fun when it does! The teenage dream has shared both the standard and deluxe edition album covers on Twitter.

Both covers are the same image of The Biebs’ handsome face, but he’s looking away from the camera. With that mysterious gaze averted, it has us wondering who or what has caught his attention. It’s essentially head shots of the teen.

He has foregone his famous swoop bangs in favor of a spikier look, one which he has favored lately. Just like how the first single ‘Boyfriend’ demonstrates a more mature Biebs, these cover shots do the same. He is wearing a denim jacket, with the collar turned up.

The standard edition, which he tweeted here, is a black and white image with yellow tones surrounding the title, while the deluxe, which he tweeted here, has more splashes of color and The Biebs himself is in color.

Overall, the differences appear subtle at first, but if you stare at them for like 20 minutes, as we did, you can see why each one is special in its own right. ’Believe’ drops June 19.

Beliebers, which one do you prefer or is it just too hard to make a choice between the two?