You might say that Kelly Osbourne was born to host the MTV VMAs red carpet. After all, the lavender-haired TV personality first made her debut back in 2002 on MTV's reality show The Osbournes, often regarded as the reality TV show that started it all. (Kardashians who? Back in the early 00s, it was all about Ozzy and the gang!)

In addition to practically launching her career on MTV, Kelly knows a thing or two about red carpet fashion. After all, as a former co-host of Fashion Police on E! Network, Kelly made a second (third if you count her brief stint as a punky pop artist) career for herself in fashion by dissecting and discussing celebrity red carpet looks, as well as becoming a red carpet style staple in her own right.

However, with the VMAs set to broadcast tonight, don't expect the colorful co-host to ask too many, if any, fashion related questions on the red carpet.

In a new pre-VMAs interview with MTV, Kelly explains that she'll be forgoing the typical style and designer-related questions to instead focus on asking the women of the red carpet about their accomplishments and achievements. She explains during the Q&A, "I do agree with what they’ve been saying recently, like, ’Why don’t we ask the women about career achievements and why they’re here tonight instead of just what they’re wearing?’" The decision comes at a poignant time, when the #AskHerMore initiative has been gaining steam among journalists and women celebrities alike.

Of course, curious fashionistas wont be too disappointed tonight, as Kelly will be bringing along a special guest to help tackle those hard-hitting style questions: "I asked MTV if I can bring my best friend to work with me so he can ask fashion-related questions, since everyone will be expecting me to say it... So, all he’s saying is, 'What are you wearing?'"

Don't take our word for it, though—watch Kelly co-host the red carpet tonight at 6 PM (EST) on MTV!

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