Kylie Minogue gave fans the inside scoop on the video for her new song ‘Timebomb,’ which has a fast and furious energy and pacing. It’s like you’re riding sidecar with Minogue as she zips around in a car and on a motorbike.

The singer recalled, “The shoot for ‘Timebomb’ was amazing. [I was] going down one of the busiest streets in Soho. I was working with an in-ear monitor. So I must have looked like a complete idiot strutting down the street singing to absolutely nothing.”

Kylie Minogue? Look like a complete idiot? That is not possible!

She also joked about her “cheeky little outfit” in the video, which showed some skin. Despite her penchant for sexiness, Minogue admitted, “I do get shy and timid.”

She also copped to being a “daredevil at heart” and loved the bike scenes in the clip. She worked with a pro stuntman and despite the loudness of the vehicle’s motor and its fumes filling her nose, she was a trooper who loved every minute of it.

That’s pretty much Minogue’s approach to her career, as well. She said, “I still love what I do and I am more inspired than ever” as she celebrates 25 years of pop music. She admitted to being more about moving forward than looking back, all the while celebrating her 25th anniversary.

She recalled her Aphrodite world tour, which boasted 25 trucks worth of production. “In crew-speak, that’s a lot,” Minogue joked. She acknowledged that it was massive and over-the-top, which is why she chose not to attempt to top herself and scaled back for a smaller tour to celebrate her anniversary.

“My response was to go completely in the other direction,” she said. And so the K25 Anti-Tour, was born! “No production, no dancers, no hits,” Minogue said. “More or less, it was about B-sides, demos and rarities, super fan favorites.”

Watch Kylie Minogue Talk About ‘Timebomb’

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