Lana Del Rey has notched another cover of a major fashion publication. The singer appears on the cover of Vogue Australia, which has two separate editions. One features LDR in flowery pink tones and the other is a similar shot, only done in black and white and with less cover copy. Regardless of how much text surrounds LDR, she looks romantic, soft and sprightly.

Del Rey’s eyes look extra large and doe-like, due to the white eyeliner in that rims then. Check out those pillowy lips, too. They look extra kissable, don’t they?

The internal images are equally as romantic and somewhat Victorian in nature, with Del Rey sporting a headful of braids and flowers. She’s once again in bloom.

The styling is a bit bookish, too, as Del Rey is surrounding by bound books and appears deep in thought. She’s pensive, even.

We’ve said this before, but the ‘National Anthem’ singer has become more recognized as a fashion model than as a singer, since we all know how the critics pounced on her for her lack of stage presence and questionable live performances. All of her covers incorporate flowers, too. The other thing Del Rey is known for, and it’s musically related, is leaked tracks from her vaults.

See her French Glamour cover; her Complex cover; her Billboard cover; her British Vogue cover; and her German Glamour cover. And those are just a few of LDR’s recent covers.

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