An old wives' tale says the onset of a storm can cause pain or soreness, but Leona Lewis' "Thunder" has proven it can heal, instead.

On this morning's LIVE with Kelly & Michael, Lewis, whose fifth album will hit stores in September, performed her latest single, and her vocal leaps and soaring falsetto were so powerful, Ripa, who recently suffered a broken foot in a dance class, said they temporarily relieved her of pain.

"That makes me feel much better!" Ripa gushes in the clip above after she and Michael greet Lewis post-performance. Better step up your game, prescription narcotics.

And the praise is proof Lewis might have made the right choice by leaving Simon Cowell's label. She recently told Sirius XM radio her former X Factor mentor urged her to record an covers album, and that when he wouldn't budge, she decided to seek representation elsewhere.

"I felt like I just needed to move on. We had differences," she said. "The label wanted me to do an album of covers, and I just felt like I had not gotten to the point where I wanted to do that."

"I'd already done a Christmas album and done a lot of covers and had so much fun with it, then I was ready to do my own album, a studio album again," she added.

Check out the performance and tell us what you think!

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