Lil Nas X has responded to rapper Pastor Troy's homophobic post about his two Grammy wins.

"Welp, guess I won’t be winning a Grammy ... if this what I gotta wear," Troy wrote on Instagram, referencing Lil Nas X's pink outfit.

"They love to push this s--t on our kids," Troy continued. He also shared his recent experience at Applebee's where he witnessed two "punks" kissing, laughing and eating mozzarella sticks together. His 14-year-old son responded to the sight of the teenagers eating by saying "F--k Applebee's," which apparently "brought joy to [his] heart."

"He sees it ... their agenda to take the masculinity from men, black men especially," he continued on Instagram. "Some may say, 'He making money!' RuPaul do too, but I ain’t bumping his CD!!! Integrity is priceless. Y’all better open that 3rd eye and let your sons know what is real ... or they a-s gone be headed down that Old Town Road foreal [sic]!"

Nas replied to Troy's derogatory Instagram post on his Twitter account.

"D--n I look good in that pic on God," the "Panini" singer fired back. In a second tweet, the rapper shared a clip from The Real Housewives with the caption, "pastor troy when he saw 2 n----s eating mozerella [sic] sticks."

Nas took home two Grammy Awards on Sunday Jan. 26: Best Music Video and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for "Old Town Road."

See the posts, below.

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