In today's society, a little kindness can go a long way.  Something so simple has a smile and a hello to a stranger, or perhaps holding a door open for someone at the corner store can go a long way in making someone's day just a little better.  Well one local business is looking to do just that...and then some.

Seaux Cajun food truck has launched their "Like, Share, Dare" contest in an effort to show the world just a little kindness when there isn't much to go around.  The rules are simple:

"Where ever you are, at home, work, at the grocery, in your circle of friends, with your children, where ever your platform is, share love and sow kindness. There is so much hatefulness and pain, this week lets all try to be extra kind, you never know whose life you will impact."

"Like this post.  Share it with your friends. Then tag someone and dare them to try this week to only sow kindness & love this week. I feel like in order to become the very best me, it has to be something I choose to do every single day. Just like with anything else, love and kindness will only become a habit if its practiced daily and is deliberate and intentional.
Whoever completes all 3 tasks will be in the drawing. This weeks drawing will be for a $35 gift certificate towards whatever they want at Seaux Cajun.
I'll draw at this time tomorrow night!!
Ready, Set, Geaux...."
So if you wanna help spread some kindness and cheer all throughout The Crossroads and want a chance to win $35 in yummy Seaux Cajun grub then I suggest you hurry and head over to their Facebook Page....the contest ends tonight!!
Way to geaux, Seaux Cajun!  We need more people like you in our community.

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