Forget baseball and apple pie. Is anything more American than a slide?

The slide as we know it gets turned on its ear here. Just take a gander at what's going. The slide is about 10 times as long as a standard playground slide, but that's only half the story.

Whoever designed this contraption must've been so tired from creating a super-sized slide that he just quit when it came time to putting in a way to slow down at the bottom. Look how far this kid goes. It's lucky he didn't keep going into traffic.

Remember when you were a kid and headed to the playground with fire in your heart and a fierce determination to climb the ladder to the top of the slide? Sure, you risked burning your legs going down on a hot day or getting wet if you went down after a rainstorm. Or maybe the slide wasn't slick enough and you endured the annoyance of getting stuck before reaching the bottom.

Sure, those were the risks you ran, but they seem pretty tame by comparison to this mountain of mayhem, wouldn't you say?

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