After the news that CBS had fired Charlie Sheen from “Two and a Half Men”, the Internet was abuzz with ideas, suggestions, and rumors of who should/could/would replace him on the set of the show. One of the names that popped up in the "confirmed" rumor section was that of Rob Lowe. Even Sheen was behind that idea...

Wednesday evening, however, “Parks and Recreation” executive producer Mike Schur debunked the rumor.

Flatly calling the idea that Lowe would replace Sheen on the set of “Two and a Half Men” a load of “nonsense”, Schur went on to say that Lowe was scheduled to finish out the season of “Parks and Recreations” and was slated to return for the next season.

Schur did admit that Lowe’s name had come up as a possible replacement for Sheen but it was purely speculation on the part of anyone who had repeated the suggestion as fact, stating “the Internet set it on fire”. The fact that Sheen lent his support to the idea probably lent to the "confirmation" of the rumor.

Other names that have come up as possible replacements for Sheen have been John Stamos (a current running joke is that Martin Sheen has asked Stamos to replace Sheen as his son as well) and Heather Locklear… I’m not sure how that last one will work but more power to all involved if they choose her. Locklear has a proven track record in resuscitating shows that are losing their forward momentum.