Ludacris and Childish Major have been planning to work on a track for some time now, but the perfect song didn't arise until now.

Childish, part of the Swisher Sweets Artist Project Class of 2019, was working on a new song called "No Sweat" and knew instantly that the rap superstar had to jump on it. For Luda, collaboration is a great way to connect with other artists.

"Collaboration is great because it always brings something out of the artist that they wouldn't normally do on their own," Ludacris says while seated inside Atlanta's iconic PatchWerk Studios. "When you have two people on the record, as long as they are both doing their thing, it will all come back together. No matter who you pick [to do a collaboration] it's going to be a different dynamic."

When Childish, who hails from Atlanta, where he got his start producing, began working in the rap game, he was very cautious about collaborating with other artists.

"When I first started off collaborating, it was low-key nerve-racking," Childish explains. "I [didn't] know when I could take the reins or do I just let whatever happens, happen. I'm more, like, I want to make the best [song] we could make. Now, it's like, knowing when somebody is in their zone and knowing when they are coming off it and then, OK, now I could step in and help out."

With a longstanding friendship between them, collaborating on "No Sweat" was a no-brainer. "Luda's been a mentor/friend for a long time and my friends said [this song] is the one," Childish affirms.

Luda adds, "It was just that good feel record with that summertime vibe. When I heard it, instantly, [I knew] that's absolutely something that I would get on."

As part of the Swisher Sweets Artist Project, Childish felt "amazing" about the experience of working with Luda and he's ready to tackle his next collaboration. "I feel like I prepare myself for what's to come. I'm feeling good."

Watch Childish Major and Ludacris' interview about their "No Sweat" collaboration below.

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