She may be the reigning Queen of Pop, but this year, Madonna holds dominion over all the other celebrities of the world, coming in above directing powerhouse Steven Spielberg and the creator of a million reality singing competitions, Simon Cowell.

Madge earned a total of $125 million this year between (June 2012 and June 2013), according to Forbes -- mostly due to her MDMA tour, which made $305 million in sales.

She's also the fifth most powerful Hollywood celebrity, according to an earlier list from Forbes in which she was beat out only by Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Steven Spielberg and Beyonce.

Spielberg comes in second with $100 million, earning his money through the Blockbuster 'Lincoln' as well as royalties off his catalog of movies and a percentage of sales to Universal's theme park. Good work, 'Jaws' ride!

Simon Cowell came in third, tying with shock-jockey Howard Stern and '50 Shades of Grey' author E.L. James. They all earned $95 million, but James earned it solely for her 'Twilight' fan fiction-turned-BDSM trilogy.

See the list of the top 15 highest earning celebrities below:

  1. Madonna, $125 million
  2. Steven Spielberg, $100 million
  3. Simon Cowell, $95 million
  4. E.L. James, $95 million
  5. Howard Stern, $95 million
  6. James Patterson, $91 million
  7. Glenn Beck, $90 million
  8. Michael Bay, $82 million
  9. Jerry Bruckheimer, $80 million
  10. Lady Gaga, $80 million
  11. Tyler Perry, $78 million
  12. Tiger Woods, $78 million
  13. Oprah Winfrey $78 million
  14. Robert Downey Jr., $75 million
  15. Dr. Phil, $72 million

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