An hour after a Lufkin man was released from jail he wound up dead.

KTRE-TV Youtube
KTRE-TV Youtube

47-year-old Jarvis Houston was sitting in jail after assault/family violence charges. On Wednesday Houston was released from jail but immediately got involved in criminal activity.


A man who stopped by his place of business to attach a trailer to his truck would soon meet the newly released Houston. The man kept his truck on for his wife and child who stayed inside the truck while he was attaching the trailer.


Houston approached the running truck and attempted to steal it. The man quickly ran up and got into a physical fight with Houston. As the two were fighting, the man was able to grab his 9-millimeter handgun from inside his truck.

According to the man, he gave Houston warnings and even offered an alternative vehicle for him to take instead of his truck with his family inside. Houston would not stand down and according to Lufkin Police Lt. Mike Shurley, “The subject persisted in wanting to take that vehicle."

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The man eventually shot Houston despite his multiple warnings. “It saved his life and the lives of his wife and child possibly,” said Lt. Shurley.

When police arrived, they found Houston on the ground and later died at the hospital.

KTRE-TV Youtube
KTRE-TV Youtube

Surveillance video backs up the victim's account of what happened and charges are not expected to be pressed.

“To be justified to use deadly force, they have to be in fear of their lives or the life of someone else,” said Lt. Shurley.

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