The NCAA basketball tournament is wide-open in a way that no other major American sporting event is. Hence its nickname “March Madness.” But if you were to single out the other distinguishing characteristics of the tourney, they would be the brackets that everyone is so fond of filling out and the fact that a good chunk of the games takes place when folks are supposed to be at work.’s ‘Coming This March: Your Guide to the Perfect Bracket’ infographic reveals that 40 million brackets will be filled out this year, and that American workers will spend almost 8.4 million hours watching March Madness. (And that doesn’t even account for the work hours lost while folks fill out their brackets.)

Beyond that, the graph is intended to help you ace your brackets. Among their advice is that the ninth seed is actually slightly better than a 50% bet to beat the eighth seed in their first round match-up, and that you should never pick a 16th seed. Another no-no is picking all four number one seeds to advance to the Final Four, as there is only a .026% chance of this happening.

So whether you intend to wager some of the $3.5 billion dollars that will be bet on March Madness brackets this year, or if you just fill them out for fun, check out the guide to March Madness below.

March Madness

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