James Corden has discovered a sure fire way to remedy a boring commute — invite Mariah Carey to ride shotgun!

On March 25, the new host of The Late Late Show took a not-so-mundane drive around Los Angeles with the iconic pop diva in the passenger's seat. The trip resulted in what will be the best carpool karaoke you may ever see. If you don't believe us, watch the video above!

The duo begin their journey with normal chitchat, but when Corden asks, "Can I put the radio on?" the video takes a turn for greatness. The sing-along commences with "Always Be My Baby," and even Mariah can't help but groove to the classic jam. She lets Corden take the lead and he blows us away with his "do-do-do" knowledge.

With breaks in between so Corden can attempt a New York accent while Mariah tries on a British lilt, the two belt out "Fantasy" and "Vision of Love." We do have to note that Corden smashes Old Dirty Bastard's killer rap in "Fantasy." Who knew the British funnyman had such a deep love for Mariah Carey? Our favorite part is definitely when Corden says, "Who's thirsty?" and then "Thirsty" blasts through the speakers. Mariah proves she's still got it and that not even a divorce can get the queen down. Corden yells, "Mariah Carey in a Range Rover!"

We're hoping that celebrity carpool karaoke becomes a regular segment on The Late Late Show. What do you think? Is James giving Jimmy Fallon a run for his money?



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