Mariah Carey made a triumphant return to Good Morning America on Monday morning (November 19). Killing her performance of new single "With You," off her just-released Caution album, the legendary singer-songwriter looked happy and gorgeous.

The pop icon was up early at GMA promoting her 15th studio album – Which fans and critics are loving – Yet it's a past Carey album that's also nabbing headlines and buzz across social media since early last week.

Glitter, the soundtrack to Mariah's critically panned (but cult classic) 2001 film debut of the same title, recently hit No. 1 on the iTunes album chart, 17 years after its initial release! Mariah's fans, aka Lambs (the Lambily, collectively), launched a #JusticeForGlitter campaign on Twitter earlier this month and once Mariah herself took notice it truly took off.

When asked on GMA about her past album reigning at the top of the iTunes chart, the pop icon gave all credit to her fans, saying "That's the Lambs, that's the Lambily, those are my fans. They had this movement."

She continued, "Which I think was directed at me because I never really perform those songs, because it almost ruined my life. But the truth is, it's for the nostalgia now because it's actually a really good album."

When Carey says Glitter "almost ruined" her life, we can assume she's referring to her highly publicized personal and professional struggles in the early 2000s after the film and album failed to live up to her past projects commercially.

The Lambs have always recognized the soundtrack as a gem in her discography, and truly ahead of its time considering its '80s dance and R&B-influenced sound. However, Mariah has been somewhat reluctant to revisit the project or that time in her life, until recently.

As self-proclaimed Lambs, we're thrilled that fans were able to update Glitter's history, and not just its public perception. After decades of Mariah giving us music and songwriting that has changed our lives, perhaps we helped give Mariah a new reason to look back on that album, and time, with pride and a smile.

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