You mayo or mayo not believe this, so peas let us explain, first.

Twitter user Air-ic posted a picture of a pizza topped with mayonnaise and peas.

Mayonnaise and peas. On pizza. That's a combination that, unless you're pregnant, simply should never exist. In fact, it's so out there that no one should have ever even thought of it when coming up with the most outlandish pizza toppings imaginable.

It's like an unappetizing pot pie exploded on a Domino's order.

This is so vile (and more disturbing than Subway's chicken-less chicken) that we have to wonder if Iceland's president, fresh off announcing he'd ban pineapple on pizza, will step in and do the same for this culinary nightmare.

Mayonnaise, peas and pizza are about as natural a fit as Donald Trump delivering the keynote address at the annual NOW convention after Hillary Clinton introduces him.

As you might imagine, the Twittersphere was none too pleased with the mayo pea pizza, either.

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