Although Meghan Markle couldn't attend Prince Philip's funeral, she reportedly spoke to the queen prior to his service.

On Wednesday (April 21), an insider revealed to People that Meghan spoke to her grandmother-in-law and has been keeping in touch during this tough time.

"Meghan spoke with Harry before his grandfather's funeral," a source told the outlet. "Meghan and Archie also spoke with the queen earlier this week."

The insider added that Meghan and Harry have been in constant contact during his trip home to the U.K. "She knows the trip to England has been difficult for Harry," they added. "He didn't want to leave Meghan and Archie alone. Meghan has insisted to him every day though that they are fine. She hasn't wanted him to worry."

Meghan also reportedly watched the funeral service from her and Harry's home in Montecito, California. She is pregnant with their second child, due later this summer. Her doctor was not able to clear her for travel to the funeral as she is quickly approaching her due date.

During their explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple revealed that they are expecting a baby girl. They also shared that this will be their last child as they will not be trying for more children in the future.

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