If we could hear Melanie Amaro sing ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ like she did tonight, we’d never want the holiday season to end! She paid homage to Ms. Mariah Carey on tonight’s ‘X Factor‘ finale and we think Carey would have been proud of this diva-in-the-making! Nicole Scherzinger noticed it as well saying, “You are a princess goddess warrior.” Run and tell that, Nicole!

The performance on the vocal side was next to flawless, but once again, in typical ‘X Factor’ fashion, the theatrics were a bit much. For a competition focused on finding the best vocal performer, you would think they could tone down the high-kicking snow bunnies, but then again, this is the finale. Guess they want to send the contestants, win or lose, out with a bang!

Amaro’s performance was followed by a touching montage of family, friends and neighbors showing their support for the burgeoning singer. The funniest part comes from her brothers, who say they used to complain about her singing too much and now Melanie has millions of people who never want her to quit singing! Well, boys, you can add PopCrush to that long list of people who never want Melanie to shut up!

Watch Melanie Amaro Perform ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’