Sneaky and Creative

Criminals get extremely sneaky and particularly creative when it comes to concealing illegal substances. We've seen drugs come into Texas through Taki's bags, pickle jars, and even peanut shells, and now they're adding one more spot to their checklist.

Just A Typical Traffic Stop

On Friday, March 11, 2022, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Canine Unit came across a vehicle traveling down I-10. After observing a traffic violation, SGT Randy Thumann and K9 partner Kolt pulled over a Silver Ford F-150 around 9:30 am.

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A Noticeable Detail

Without any trouble, the truck pulled over and SGT Thumann approached it. Inside was 49-year-old Marcial Ramirez of Del Rio, TX. After speaking to Ramirez, the officer noticed he was showing many of the typical indicators of narcotics trafficking. After receiving consent, Sgt. Thumann began to search the vehicle.

K-9 Deployed

During the search, Sgt Thumann sent out his canine “Kolt” to perform an exterior sweep of the vehicle. Kolt detected the presence of illegal narcotics and alerted Sgt Thumann.

A more extensive search uncovered a modification to Ramirez's gas tank. The tank was accessed and a massive amount of methamphetamine was discovered smuggled inside.

Massive Amounts of Meth

A total of 211.4 pounds of meth was stuffed into the gas tank totaling an estimated street value of $3,830,130, now that's meth'd up. Ramirez was arrested for Felony Possession and taken to the Dan R. Beck Justice Center.

Way to take detrimental substances off the Texas streets! Now we can add a gas tank to the interesting and creative places criminals have hidden drugs. Check a more detailed list of crazy places drugs have been found in Texas.


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