We’ve heard of getting caught with your pants down but teen queen Miley Cyrus got caught with her bra off! But don’t fret, Miley fans or parents of Miley fans. She wasn’t doing anything bad or wrong, or photographed in an compromising position that will embarrass her for years to come.

Instead, Cyrus was snapped leaving Mexican eatery Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks, Calif. after dining with her BF Liam Hemsworth on Jan. 18 when the paparazzi’s flashbulbs spotlighted the fact that Miss Miley was braless.

Those bright bulbs were so powerful that their light allows one to see through the singer’s tissue-thin black t-shirt in this NSFW photo.

Miley’s shirt was extra sheer, so you can see a flash of her, um, headlights. She was dressed down like a regular teen, in light wash jeans, a comfy black and white chunky knit sweater and her hair pulled into a top knot on her head for what must have been a laidback and romantic dinner with her man. The singer, 19, was effortlessly sexy and the braless shot was likely not her intention. Sometimes you just wanna go commando on top, right?

When you are as famous as Miley Cyrus, you know you can’t go out in the Los Angeles area without being photographed or expecting not to be photographed, so she’s fair game. That said, she probably didn’t expect this somewhat revealing shot to happen.