Miley Cyrus opened a hotline for her fans to promote her new EP, She Is Coming, over the weekend, referencing Ariana Grande and her song “God Is a Woman" in the hilariously weird promo clip.

“If you believe God is a woman then say Ariana Grande," Cyrus says in the video, using a deep, creepy voice to say Grande's name. She also says this exact same line in the hotline recording itself.

You can call 1-833-743-4762 now and hear the entire message for yourself. Cyrus tells the callers to say a certain term if they believe a certain idea.

Cyrus performed the six new songs off her EP during the Primavera Festival where she filled in for Cardi B for an unknown reason. Billboards and ads have begun surfacing with images of Cyrus on the phone with the same hotline number urging fans who are over 18 years old to call. Cyrus even shared fans' images of her various billboards across the globe on her Twitter.

She Is Coming is one of three EPs Cyrus will be releasing to create an entire album. The next EP, She Is Here, will be released this summer followed by She Is Everything at the end of 2019. Collectively, the three EPs will create an album entitled She Is: Miley Cyrus.

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