Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood shared the stage at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards to perform together for the first time ever, putting on a rocking production of ‘Something Bad.’

The two country stars took the ‘bad’ to heart, hitting the stage in leather jackets, leg-baring skirt and shorts, and the sexiest heels we’ve seen all night. (Glittery black heeled booties for Miranda, and shiny red heeled booties for Carrie.)

The singers looked like they were aiming for rock stars over country stars, but the leggy blondes pulled it off. Their attitudes were fierce as they strutted around the set, backdropped by high-shooting flames and red lights. They sang the song with attitude, playing off of one another’s energy and ferocity. Their powerhouse voices complimented each other so well it’s a wonder they haven’t collaborated before now.

The sexy performance was the debut of ‘Something Bad,’ a part of Miranda’s upcoming album ‘Platinum,’ due out on June 3. Check out the hot duet up above!

Listen to Audio of Miranda Lambert + Carrie Underwood's 'Something Bad'

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