Tragic Loss of 3 Year Old Mitchell Chang

A San Antonio couple has turned a devastating loss into something beautiful. Back in 2018, April and Marvin Chang dropped their 3-year-old son off at Love to Swim School, during a "Date Night Out" event, where they encourage parents to bring their child to the school, while they enjoy a fun night out.

However, tragedy struck when an employee discovered three-year-old Mitchell underwater in the deep end of the pool. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

From Mourning to Honoring

Years later, the mourning parents found a way to honor their son who died too young. They have created a fun interactive playground where families could bring their children to play and bond.

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Welcome to Mitchell's Landing (5)

Mitchell's family developed a 42-acre park called Mitchell’s Landing, where the community can come enjoy it for free. Within the pirate-themed playground, you will also find walking trails, a pavilion, restrooms, picnic areas, baseball fields, and open-play fields, plus 164 parking spots.

“To Mitchell, life was a party. Everything was fun, he wanted to have fun with everyone! Marvin felt very strongly that building a playground would positively continue Mitchell’s fun.”

Accessible For All Families (2)

The beautiful playground in Mitchell's memory is incredibly inclusive and welcomes all families and is accessible for children with disabilities. His mother April explained the type of place Mitchell's Landing will be: "A playground that radiates acceptance, love, compassion, and fun."

Partnering With H-E-B (3)

H-E-B has also stepped in and helped developed this wonderful play area. April explained, “We approached them with the idea of Mitchell’s Landing and all of them believed in Mitchell’s story and us enough to take a leap of faith for this project.”

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