According to reports, a mother, who has been identified as Mrs.H, was wearing a modest swimsuit and hijab, was confronted by 42-year-old Elizabeth Wolf at their apartment complex pool. Wolf began making
"racist interrogations"


According to police, things escalated when Wolf tried to drown the children. Initially, Wolf grabbed the 6-year-old, causing a scratch on his finger; thankfully, he was able to pull away and get to safety. However, Wolf was able to grab the 3-year-old girl and drag her into the deep end of the pool.


The children's mother leaped into action and jumped in the pool to save her children who Wolf was trying to drown. As the mother fought for her children's safety, Wolf snatched her hijab off her head and kicked at her. Emma Aziz was nearby when everything happened and heard Mrs. H scream, "She’s killing my baby!” Aziz said she called a man to help the girl while another called 911 as the little girl yelled for help and was coughing up water.

When medics arrived they evaluated both children and medically cleared them. Mrs.H admits that her daughter has been traumatized and is fearful every time their apartment door opens.

“We are American citizens, originally from Palestine, and I don’t know where to go to feel safe with my kids,” the mother said in a statement.

Wolf was initially arrested and charged with public intoxication however, attempted capital murder and injury to a child charges were filed against her as well.

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