Many celebrities have bizarre meltdowns, and fighters are no exception. Whether they're driving on sidewalks, getting naked in churches, or having run-ins with the law abroad. here's our list of top 10 MMA meltdowns.



'Mayhem' Makes a Housecall



Apparently, Jason “Mayhem” Miller didn't take getting cut from the UFC too well. On Monday the 13th, he was arrested after (allegedly) breaking into a church (likely through a boarded-up window) while completely naked, creating a mess by spraying a fire extinguisher, and spraying neon green paint in the church office. He then hung out naked on a couch until police arrested him for attempted forced entry and vandalism. We guess that's one way for him to live up to his nickname.



'Rampage' on a Rampage



Speaking of living up to one's nickname, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson had a rampage of his own in July 2008. He was arrested after a high-speed pursuit on charges for felony evasion, reckless driving and hit-and-run. Rampage caused 3 collisions, drove through red lights and on the sidewalk, and drove with a flat front tire and exposed rim over a center divider, weaving in and out of traffic, while on his cell phone. He was believed to have suffered from delirium.



Junie Browning Threatens To 'Kill Nurses & Rape Their Families'



Former UFC fighter Junie Browning was taken to a hospital in Nevada back in October 2009, while being treated for taking sixteen Klonopin pills in what police say was an attempt to harm himself. At one point, Browning tried to leave the hospital and ended up punching one male nurse, kicking another, pushing a female nurse, and saying, “Do you know who I am? I will kill you and rape your family.” Probably not the best PR move. Browning was released from the UFC following this debacle.



Ortiz vs. Jameson?



Most MMA fans don't watch TMZ, but this changed a bit when then-UFC fighter Tito Ortiz was arrested for felony domestic violence in April 2010 in his home he shared with baby mama (and porn queen) Jenna Jameson. It's hard to tell from the interviews and rumors, but what it sounds like is that the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” apparently found one of Jameson's OxyContin pills, and allegedly a bit of shoving took place. The two quickly and publicly made up shortly after the arrest.



Ring Girl Arianny Celeste Fights



In May of this year, ring girl Arianny Celeste was arrested for allegedly kicking her boyfriend, Praveen Chandra in the nose. He was also arrested for allegedly choking her the same evening. The UFC released a statement calling Arianny “a good girl” and stating they “have her back and support her 100 percent.” Charges against both Celeste and Chandra were dismissed.



Nick Diaz No-Shows Superfight



Nick Diaz has a very interesting personality, and seems particularly prone to meltdowns. He's no-showed numerous press conferences, and in May, he was scheduled for a superfight against Braulio Estima, the main event of a BJJ tournament which was being streamed online. Apparently, Diaz believed Estima might not make weight. Cesar Gracie, as per usual, had no idea where Diaz was. So much for fighting for charity.



Bones Pulls a Bone-r



He's certainly not the only MMA fighter to have had a DUI arrest, but as UFC's golden boy, Jon “Bones” Jones may well be the most high-profile one. Jones, apparently, crashed his Bently into a utility pole on the morning of May 19. With that, his marketing hype died down just a little bit.



Chael Sonnen Does Some Laundry



Chael Sonnen had an elaborate money laundering scheme going on, but the real meltdowns happen when interviewers ask him about it… and he throws a fit and hangs up, which he did to radio interviewer John Canzano. Another case of guys who can dish it out but can't take it.



Alistair Overeem Fights The Wrong Gender



After winning a fight against Brock Lesnar at UFC 141, Alistair Overeem shoved a woman in the face at Wynn Las Vegas. He was charged with misdemeanor battery and got 90 days in county jail, 50 hours of community service and anger management classes. Pick on someone your own size, Overeem! Though I guess that didn't work so well for you.



War Machine In Jail…Again



All these fighters just can't stop themselves from fighting, even when they're not in the cage. War Hammer was first arrested for hitting an choking someone unconscious in a parking lot fight. He got probation for that one. Then he got a felony conviction for another assault case, while working as a topless bottle server at a gay nightclub. Oh, and he had a meltdown at a birthday party, and then got arrested again for pushing a bar owner and destroying some glasses at a bar. Apparently, he was upset because he needed another form of ID with the name “War Machine,” which he legally had changed his name to. (His birth name is Jon Koppenhaver.) Oh yeah, and then he got arrested for assault with a deadly weapon for attacking people in yet another fight. He served a year in jail and then got sent back for another. He continues to blog from his jail cell.


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