For Halloween next year, maybe this woman should get dressed as someone with manners.

A mother who took her kid trick-or-treating was caught on camera taking all of the candy one house left outside for all trick-or-treaters.

Per the YouTube  description:

Away from home, we left full-sized candy bars outside with a note, 'Help yourself but be considerate!' We figured a group of kids would probably end up taking all of the candy at one point during the night, but everyone was really considerate...until this upstanding mother came to save the day.

It looks like she just couldn't turn down the temptation of those full-sized candy bars. They may have been free, but she is sure paying a heavy price. That's because the video has racked up more than two million views and the comments section -- always a place where people are not afraid to be mean -- absolutely torched her behavior.

See the raw video below:

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