'Thou shall not commit crimes in God's Kitchen'; this is the unofficial 11th testament and what one customer at a Chick-fil-A in Jacksonville, TX abides by.

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Jacksonville Police Department was in the middle of chasing down a man in a stolen car when he suddenly jumped out of the vehicle and ran towards Chick-fil-A. As he began to sprint through the heavenly drive-thru, one customer knew he had to protect God's chicken at all costs.

In a Facebook video posted by the Jacksonville PD, you can watch as the suspect comes flying through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru only to be ransacked by the iron door of a customer’s truck. The quick-thinking customer quickly opened his door right as the suspect ran by, hitting and ultimately stopping the suspect, helping the police get him on the floor and restrain him.

“The suspect was quickly apprehended after the “HANGRY” (but helpful) citizen reminded the suspect as to why you should never run from the police,” Jacksonville Police Department teased on their Facebook page.

The video was an instant hit on Facebook. There have been over 11K shares and more than 1.4K comments. People really resonate with keeping God’s Chicken safe. Chick-fil-A is a force to be reckoned with. There is an entire army backing Chick-fil-A, and when combined with the support behind the black and blue, it’s an unstoppable group.


Facebook users took to the video's comment section to commend the man who helped the police apprehend the runaway suspect. Take a look at some of the best ones below:

William Willis wrote: 

Good job. Cant be disrespecting the Lord's yardbird like that.

Hope Oliver wrote:

"The guy in the truck said "not in God's drive-thru"

That comment was 100% spot on and generated more than 470 reactions!

Houston Police Officers Union hopped on the comments section saying:

We would like to imagine the customer said "My Pleasure" as he walked back to his truck."

I think that's the most logical thing to imagine.

Kris Paul raised this guys status and said:

Not all heroes wear capes... some wear trucker hats and a mullet. Way to go good sir!

Another Facebook user said:

Put that mullet man's order on my tab.


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