A new anime store has hit the streets of Houston, and this weekend, they really made a statement. The Weeb Stop, located at 10690 Shadow Wood Dr. in Houston, TX, had its grand opening this past weekend, and it was an absolute HIT.

If you like anime and cars, The Weeb Stop was the place to be this weekend.

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TSM - Alex Salinas Imports

As soon as you took a right onto Shadow Wood Drive, it was easy to know you were headed in the right direction because the first thing you notice is both sides of the street is lined with sick import cars with anime stickers on the windows; I'm talking blocks and blocks of cars.

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The parking lot of The Weeb Stop was blocked off and reserved for some of the coolest cars in town. This intern got really lucky, and as I pulled up, one of the police officers monitoring the entrance waved me down and asked me if I'd like to park inside- to which of course I eagerly replied YES! and park my bright red 2020 Supra right behind its old school predecessor!

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Pulling into this parking lot, it was hard not to have big, starry anime eyes. Some of these cars had the most insane wraps on them, and they were all anime-themed! It was an anime lover’s paradise.

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The event had such great energy; a DJ was keeping the party lit, and various vendors outside selling food and snacks like boba and the ever so popular: Pocky.

Some people who attended even dressed up as their favorite anime characters, and there was even a cosplay contest for the best costume! It was just such a good time.

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After mingling around and admiring all the cool stuff outside, it was time to go check out the actual store. The line to get in was insane.

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The Weeb Stop received so much support at it's Grand Opening. People wrapped around the parking lot, waiting to step inside the store and embrace the town's newest anime shop. People have been waiting for something like this, and the Weeb Stop has DELIVERED!

So next time you're in Houston, give them a visit and get your anime fix!


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