Import Face-Off hosted their nation race and car show this past Sunday at the Houston Raceway Park in Baytown, TX.

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Unfortunately, Texas weather was not on its best behavior. Drizzle and mist began to creep in during the morning hours, and the track became unsafe to race on, so the officials had to call it a day. Those who planned on racing were given the option to hold on to their wristband and could run the track for free at another time.

The event itself continued on, rain or shine. Those attending spent the rest of the event walking around admiring the show cars as a DJ blasted music in the background and created some good vibes for the crowd.

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Car groups gathered in bunches that called to immediate photo ops. The Subie and Evo community rolled deep this year for sure. It always amazes me how closely knit this community is; it's so awesome to see people come together like this.

Evo_Subie AlexSalinas-TSM


Since races were called off, there was time to hit up all the vendors at the event. Of course, they were all car-related. Some sold detailing products to keep those cars looking fresh others had wheels for sale, some had audio systems, some even had car decals or could make custom decals like Instagram handles to get more followers for the GRAM!


There were also side events that had people gathering around in amazement. First, there was a 2-step contest; this is where cars show off what they got. Two cars go side by side and rev their cars, and their rev limiter bounces, creating a popping sound that gets the crowd pumped. The host lets the crowd decide the winners, and it's a face-off within Import Face-Off.

Next is the car limbo. Now, this is for the low-life, static peeps.

The community of people that live life on the edge and hit speedbumps at a 45-degree angle and turn on the hazard as they come to a complete stop before every pothole and knick in the road. It is usually justified, though; these cars are low LOW. Most pass the card test; that is, where your card can be held between the tire and the fender perfectly. Exhibit A:


People from all around Texas came to enjoy the event at the raceway. Although not much racing happened, the event was still a pretty good hit. Import Face-Off still has some Texas locations left for the season. You can check their schedule and get tickets online HERE.

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