Blue Bell was just a couple of days late this time. My birthday was Monday, and Confetti Cake Ice Cream may have been just what the Doctor ordered but it didn't arrive in most stores until the end of this week.

The kings of Texas ice cream are back with a colorful twist on birthday-cake flavored ice cream. You get confetti cake, sprinkles, and this crazy blue icing swirl. Perfect for before, during, or a couple of days after your birthday. Who doesn't like Confetti cake? It's a year-round reason to visit the freezer section at the grocery store on the way home today. Just be sure to wear your mask to the store. Oh, and be sure to go to the store alone.

Who says ya have to just come home with one flavor? Blue Bell is actually working a ton of limited-time flavors right now. What timing. While we are all a little helpless sitting on our couch with no place to go. Let's dig in! Right now Blue Bell is offering Blackberry Cobbler, Cookie Dough Overload, Red Velvet Cake, Orange Swirl, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, Butter Crunch, Cookie Cake, and Peaches and Vanilla.

You might not be able to have a birthday party with all your friends, but you can buy enough Confetti Cake from Blue Bell to last through the next few weeks of social distancing. Masks sold separately.

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