Even with all their crazy antics and drunken bar fights, the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ has yet to make New Jersey the most hated state in America. You might not believe this, but there are two states even more despised.

Turns out, the state Americans hate more than the Garden State is…

… California! (Wait, what?)

The Public Policy Polling firm surveyed more than 3,300 Americans over a four month period. They were asked through a phone poll whether their opinions of a given state were favorable, unfavorable, or whether the respondent wasn’t sure.

California didn’t fare well at all. 44 percent of people gave it an unfavorable rating, and only 27 percent viewed it favorably. Surprisingly, Illinois came in as the second most hated state in America with 29 percent hating it and 19 percent liking it.

On the other end of the spectrum, Hawaii enjoyed a 54 percent favorable rating, with just 10 percent of people viewing it unfavorably (what, do they hate hula girls or something?).

According to the poll, these are the most unpopular states, along with their favorable/unfavorable rating percentages:

1. California (27/44)

2. Illinois (19/29)

3. New Jersey (25/32)

4. Mississippi (22/28)

5. Utah (24/27)

And here are the most popular states, again with their favorable/unfavorable rating percentages:

1. Hawaii (54/10)

2. Colorado (44/9)

3. Tennessee (48/14)

4. South Dakota (42/8)

5. Virginia (45/13)

The analysts also broke down the respondent group by political affiliation — 40 percent said they were Democrats, 37 percent were self-reported Republicans, and the rest were Independent/Other.

Taking these numbers into account, the greatest partisan gap the pollsters found was for California — which Democrats like 91 points more than Republicans do — followed by Texas, a state Republicans favored more than Democrats by a margin of 82 points.

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