In all eight seasons that Charlie Sheen was on the hit sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men,’ the program’s musical intro featured him on the left, Jon Cryer on the right, and Angus T. Jones in the middle as they sang their opening “manly men” theme.

But with Sheen’s showy departure, things obviously had to change.

When the show’s season premiere airs on September 19, you’ll see Cryer retaining his place, but Jones has been moved to Sheen’s now-vacated spot on the left — while pretty new star Ashton Kutcher takes the prominent center mark.

The song itself, which features studio musicians singing for the lip-syncing actors, has also been updated.

Here’s how it looked and sounded during the final year of the Sheen Era:

And here’s this season’s revised version:

[via TV Guide]

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