New Year is just days away. 2021 can be left in the past and 2022 can be a new beginning(a much-needed one for many around the entire world.) Many people right here in Texas add a little extra thought into New Year.

Traditions To Bring in the New Year

I can remember counting down on New Year's Eve, getting ready to see the 12:01 am on the clock. However, it is not just hugs and smiles when the New Year rings in.

No, there is the business to be taken care of. I have some very specific and meaningful New Years' traditions that cannot be broken. Many people from all over have traditions when rining in the new year. These traditions have to do with luck, prosperity, and your future self.

Check out some of the most common traditions celebrated here in Texas..

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Many households on New Year's Eve will make a dish of legumes. In Texas, the most common is a bowl of black-eyed peas. These lucky legumes are thought to resemble coins and therefore foreshadow financial success. I mean honestly, I'll scarf down a bowl because what do I have to lose?

Gobble Down Grapes


This is an absolute must in my house. As soon as the New Year begins you eat 12 grapes, each grape represents the 12 months of the year. The key is to eat a dozen grapes before the minute finishes. With each grape, you think about the wishes for that year. The 12 grapes tradition originated in Spain and many Spanish and Mexican households still uphold the tradition.

Kings Cake

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Kings cake is typically sold in early January to celebrate Epiphany which is a Catholic tradition. However, I take a little spin on this luckily little cake. Many cultures believe eating round foods on New Year will bring prosperity and the circular shape symbolizes the year coming full circle.

Back to my own custom spin on this tradition, on New Year's Eve, I bake this cake and stuff 3 little babies (Jesus) inside. Then I hand out slices. The people who get a slice with a bay inside are thought to have immense luck for the year to come. Sometimes you just need to make your own traditions.

Put a Fish on the Dish


Go ahead and smoke some salmon for the party. Fish is supposed to symbolize moving forward since fish only swim in one direction.

Long Food=Long Life


Asian cultures eat foods long foods like soba noodles to manifest a long life.

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