Go Aggies! Or maybe not? Texas A&M is under a ton of heat right now as people all over are claiming the well-known Texas university is actually a cult, and they're kinda not wrong.

A Cult, How!?

All schools have rituals, sure, but Texas A&M has one that reeks of cult vibes. A video of a ritual in Texas A&M that has been going down for the past 50 years is currently circulating the internet and people are going wild.

Ritual You Say?

Every October Texas A&M puts on quite the show in the quad. It all started as a tradition formed by the Corps, commonly referred to as C-2. The upperclassman would essentially haze a "fish", which are freshman cadets, this the "Flight of the Pumpkin" was formed.

What's the Flight of the Pumpkin?

A ritual that has been tweaked over the years, it began when freshmen would compete in an apple-bobbing competition. According to Battalion, "Those who turned up without an apple would be wrapped in a white sheet and forced to run through a gauntlet of upperclassmen holding flaming brooms with a pumpkin on his head."

That sounds absolutely horrifying. To add to the craze, at one point, the ritual involved Freshmen running around the band dorms with pumpkins on their heads. Once there, upperclassmen would attempt to smash the pumpkins with, get this, AXE HANDLES.

It'S NoT A cULt

Yes, this all sounds perfectly normal, says one Twitter user. I mean, doesn't every campus have violent traditions? Honestly, the cult thing is a stretch to me, but this screams hazing to me.

Traditions Altered, but Still Strange

While "The Great Pumpkin" tradition at A&M has transformed many times throughout its history, it still remains a prominent tradition among the students to this day. Now they march a lowerclassman with a pumpkin head, wrapped in sheets down the schoolyard. Surrounded by torches, there is a literal smashing of pumpkins that takes place. Very interesting, what do you think?

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