Former 'Newlyweds' hubby Nick Lachey is really pleased he's rid of Jessica Simpson, mostly because he doesn't have to deal with her father Joe trying to grab a piece of him all the time anymore.

While on the hot seat on Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live,' Lachey willingly answered not one but two questions about the Simpson family.

After admitting that he hasn't talked to Jessica in about six years (nor does he ever get nostalgic for her inane questions), talk got franker with the segment 'Plead the Fifth,' in which guests are given three questions, two of which they absolutely must answer.

When asked by host Andy Cohen, "What is the best thing about no longer having Joe Simpson as a father-in-law?" Nick's brother Drew hopped in with a well-placed "Everything!" while Nick got into specifics, joking that there's no more "grab-ass under the table on Easter Sunday."

Is he kidding? Mmmmaybe. Check out the video and decide for yourself.

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