Nicki Minaj spoke out in an Instagram video Saturday after pulling out of her Nicki WRLD tour stop with Juice WRLD in Bordeaux, France, at the last minute.

"You guys, it's not in my best interest not to perform and lose money and aggravate my fans," Minaj told her 100 million Instagram followers. "I love performing for my fans. I'm more excited than you are before the show."

This was her second show canceled in three weeks. The rapper canceled her show Feb. 22 in Bratislava, Slovakia, and her concert Saturday in Bordeaux. TMZ said many of Minaj's fans started chanting the name of the rapper's rival Cardi B after she pulled out of the Bordeaux show.

"These two cities that had technical issues were cities I had never been to before," she explained. "We tried to add them, but they just didn't have the power in the building to facilitate my show. And they didn't tell us that until three hours before the show, as opposed to when we did soundcheck, they said it was fine."

"Anyway, every artist has technical difficulties and have to cancel shows," the star said. "I want to tell you guys I love you dearly and I really hope to make it up very soon."

The "Barbie Dreams" rapper also addressed the cancellation on Twitter.

"Why would an artist cancel a show & lose money? What for? When they're already in the building, dressed, etc," the star wrote.

"The artist is just as mad as the fans when a show can't go on," she said. "I love seeing my fans. Nothing can stop me. B4 the show, juice WRLD & I are just as excited as u guys are."

Minaj will perform Monday in London, England. She and Juice WRLD kicked off the tour Feb. 21 in Munich, Germany, and will bring the venture to a close April 4 in Bangkok, Thailand.
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