Nicki Minaj is primed to incite some royal warfare after her newest album, Queenfailed to top the Billboard 200 upon its release.

Minaj, whose fourth LP dropped on August 17, had to swallow a No. 2 debut as Travis Scott's Astroworld held onto its No. 1 spot, and sold 205,000 equivalent units, with 78,000 from traditional sales. Queen, on the other hand, sold 185,000 units,78,000 of which were from traditional sales.

Minaj, who didn't take too kindly to a runner-up debut, proceeded to go on a Twitter rampage and accuse Scott of inflating his sales, chide Kylie Jenner for helping her child's father keep a stronghold on charts and lash out against Spotify for allegedly hiding material that they were supposed to promote.

"Travis sold over 50K of these," Minaj wrote of Scott's "season pass" bundles. "With no requirement of redeeming the album! With no dates for a tour, etc. I spoke to him. He knows he doesn’t have the #1 album this week. I love my fans for the #1 album in AMERICA! I’ll explain on 4 albums in, #1 in 86 countries."

"Spotify put drake’s face on every playlist but told me they’d have to teach me a lesson for playing my music 10 mins early on . Even tho they’ve been giving away my music for free for years & I am one of the top Spotify artists of all time," she later added.

And many followers saw Minaj's response as petulant, and noted that her logic simply didn't add up, particularly where the power of the Kardashians was concerned. Some even accused her of emulating a tirade typically dispensed by Donald Trump.

"Girl please, Travis has actual loyal fans who BUY his products. What happened when the whole fam promoted Tyga’s album? He sold like 2k," one follower wrote, while another noted "#1 in 86 countries? Girl, stop with these Trump-like lies. Your album didn't go #1 on any official chart. And why are you questioning Billboard or HDD? Sites that people used for decades, yet you push the narrative they're faking their data for you not to go #1?"

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