Nicki Minaj's collaboration with 6ix9ine, "Fefe," left some fans scratching their heads as to why she would associate with the controversial Brooklyn rhymer, especially since the "Gummo" artist has been convicted of sexual misconduct with a minor. Tekashi has also been added to her upcoming tour with Future. A recent column published on Pitchfork has the Queens MC expressing her frustration over what she sees is a double standard.

On Saturday (Aug. 18), Nicki hopped on Twitter to voice her opinion on the article that was apparently brought to her attention by one of her fans. The writer calls Nicki out for working with 6ix. "The choice to use her platform to further legitimize a sexual predator is in direct contrast with the nation-wide, black women-led movement to silence music’s most infamous abuser (R. Kelly)," the article reads.

It continues, "If this pattern of normalization continues to seep into our culture, by the time the magnitude of the damage is determined it will have caused irreparable harm to society. […] I do hope she realizes that the message she sends by supporting an abuser threatens to eclipse the vibrant verses she has spent years perfecting."

In response, Nicki first brought up how the same publication also praised Lady Gaga's collaboration with R. Kelly, and later accused publications of paying writers to purposely pen negative pieces about her.

"When I was told they were being paid to write these things I didn’t believe it, now I know it’s true 😜😛 #Queen bitch!!!!" she tweeted. "I got the proof on that too. Loving my life. They so bothered by this lil south side Jamaica QUEEN."

She added, "I’m supposed to keep letting these ppl get money to bully me behind the scenes & not say anything. Yikes."

Nicki later surmised the negative talk about 6ix9ine is only being printed because nothing negative can be said about her album, but still never directly addressed her decision to work with 6ix9ine. "They writing about 69 cuz #Queen is flawless," she added.

Check out Nicki's response to criticism about working with 6ix9ine below.

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