It’s no doubt that No Doubt (we crack ourselves up far too often) are legends in their own right. Since hitting it big in 1995 with the mainstream success of one of our favorite albums of all time, ‘Tragic Kingdom,’ the band safely secured their place in the ska punk/pop rock hall of fame.

With the release of their single ‘Settle Down’ – the band’s first in 10 years — we’re thrilled to see them back performing their highly anticipated song after a decade living behind the scenes.

Introduced by Hayden Panettiere and, a phenomenal looking Gwen Stefani rocking her trademark ruby red lips looked genuinely thrilled to be back on the stage with her bandmates. Haven’t been around in 10 years ya say? Couldv’e fooled us. In coordinating black and white outfits (and with drummer Adrian Young sporting a matching bleach blonde hairdo with Stefani’s), No Doubt hyped up the crowd and Stefani encouraged them to fist pump along, constantly interacting with her audience.

Perhaps the only thing lacking from the performance as sound quality. Truth be told, we’re kind of deaf, so our television sets’ volume is turned waaaay up, but we weren’t exactly sure if Stefani was growing more and more out of breath or if the production quality of the set was poor. We’re inclined to go with the latter since the reaction from the crowd was strong for the veteran rockers, but sound quality would’ve made the reggae inspired and horn heavy single that much more exciting.

Watch No Doubt Perform ‘Settle Down’ at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

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