YouTube Cancels YouTube Rewind for 2020

YouTube is cancelling a ten-year tradition... for now. Since 2010, YouTube has shared a Rewind of the year's most impactful trends, videos and creators. In a statement, YouTube shared that 2020 has been very different and that it doesn't feel appropriate to share a Rewind this year. They did, however, thank all the viewers who watch and all the creators who create videos on the site: "You’ve found ways to lift people up, help them cope, and make them laugh. You made a hard year genuinely better. Thank you for making a difference.” (via Just Jared)

Americans Would Pay Thousands To Get Their Homes Clean

In a surprising new survey, 46 percent of Americans revealed they would be willing to pay up to $5,000 to have their homes magically cleaned from top-to-bottom after the holidays. Meanwhile, 54 percent confessed that after such a chaotic 2020, the last thing they want to do is a post-holiday cleanup, even if gatherings are small this year. As for the most dreaded part of holiday cleanup? Washing dishes! (via People)

You Can Rent the Bachelor Mansion on Airbnb, But It's Gonna Cost You

Villa de la Vina, the famous mansion featured on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, is now on Airbnb for a whopping $6,000 per night! Though the price may not be in many fans' budgets, the rental does come with a bunch of perks. The Mediterranean-style mansion sits on 10 acres within the Santa Monica Mountains of Malibu. The swanky 10,000 square feet pad comes with seven bedrooms and eight baths. Fun fact: An actual family lives at the mansion but vacates twice a year for the filming of the show! (via TMZ)

MSNBC "Map Guy" Becomes Gap Fashion Icon

Steve Kornacki became an unexpected star during coverage of the 2020 presidential election, as he won over viewers with his seemingly boundless energy, commitment to reporting election projections and, yes, even his wardrobe—especially his khakis. After several media outlets reported they were Gap brand trousers, the company's sales received a huge boost within the first 24 hours. According to a Gap spokesperson, the company saw a near-90 percent unit sales increase online. (via TMZ)

Ariana Grande Promotes Non-Profit Animal Rescue

As a mom of ten dogs, Ariana Grande is no stranger to caring for animals. On Wednesday (November 11), the singer tweeted a promo photo for a new non-profit animal rescue organization for animals located in Los Angeles. "We are so happy, proud and excited," Grande wrote about the upcoming launch of Orange Twins Rescue, which already has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram as of publishing time.

Cardi B Apologizes for Portraying Hindu Goddess After Cultural Appropriation Criticism

Cardi B apologized on Instagram Live after receiving criticism for posing as Durga, the Hindu goddess of strength and protection, on the cover of Footwear News. The rapper said it was never her intention to offend anyone's religion and that although she couldn't change the past, she would do more research in the future before doing other photo shoots. As a result from the backlash, Footwear News pulled the cover. (via Cosmopolitan)

Celebrities Accused of Cultural Appropriation

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