Yep, leave it to a Texan to build a Cowboy Boot House. If you're traveling through Huntsville this summer, it's sure worth a look.Although it is a private residence so look from the sidewalk. OR save yourself a trip and click here for all of the amazing photos provided to us by .

Built by philanthropist Dan Phillips, the aptly named Cowboy Boot House located at 2640 11th Street in Huntsville was built with recycled and salvaged materials which features a dizzy spiral staircase in it's humble 710 square feet living space. Truth be told, most of the living space is adjacent to the boot in what you could call a "tiny house."

Dan Phillips is a self taught builder, electrician and plumber. He is the founder  of Phoenix Commotion, a construction company he and his wife established in 1997. Phoenix Commotion focuses on designing Eco-friendly homes for low-income individuals and families. They build homes for struggling artists, and single mothers. Mr. Phillips is renowned for building " storybook" architecture using salvaged and recycled and reclaimed materials all while also giving back to the Texas family community. Watch this great clip interview with Mr. Phillips from the Texas Country Reporter.

After the joy of building the Cowboy Boot House, Mr. Phillips turned right around and built the Cowboy Hat next door!

What's something you've come across that's quintessential Texas?

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