Back in October, we got the first glimpse of Oli London — a fan so obsessed with BTS and K-Pop that he's underwent countless surgeries and spent ungodly amounts of money to resemble singer Jimin — when Bancroft TV aired a mini-documentary.

Now, just two short months after the video came out, the 28-year-old has undergone more extreme changes to look like his idol, including dying his hair pink, receiving cheek, lip and jaw injections, and a non-surgical facelift.

London plans to go under the knife a few more times in 2019. He's slated to undergo lateral canthoplasty, to alter the shape of his eyes; V-Line Jaw surgery, in which a doctor breaks his jaw and makes it a heart shape, and a fifth revision rhinoplasty. He also has a K-pop song in the works, which he hopes to drop in January. The track's title is a tribute to Jimin.

"I want my entire lifestyle to revolve around K-pop and I want my entire look to look like Jimin,the lead singer of BTS because for me he is perfection — his jaw shape, his lips his voice, everything," London states in the documentary.

Before his last round of surgeries, the UK native had spent $100K on surgeries that include blepharoplasty, four rhinoplasties, mandible angle reduction, cheek fat graft, gynaecomastia, liposuction and areola correction.

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