BTS member Jimin attended pop singer Alec Benjamin's concert during the group's hiatus.

Jimin attended Benjamin's Seoul concert on August 18 at the MUV Hall. Fans quickly spotted him in the balcony enjoying the show.

Jimin posted a photo of the pair after the show on the BTS Twitter account. "Your voice is heavenly," he wrote. "Thanks for coming."

Benjamin shared that Seoul was "amazing!" He tweeted his thanks to Jimin for coming to his concert. He also said that Jimin was "the best" in reply to his tweet about attending the concert.

This encounter happened after Benjamin invited Jimin to his concert after Jimin added his song "Water Fountain" to his personal Spotify playlist. Benjamin tweeted a screenshot of Jimin's playlist entitled "Jimin's JOAH? JOAH!" and wrote, "This is so cool. I love you & BTS!"

Benjamin also previously released his own rendition of the group's hit "Fake Love." He also performed a similar rendition during his concert to pay tribute to his new friend.

Big Hit announced that BTS will take their first hiatus for a much-needed vacation. The company asked fans to respect their privacy during their time off, and it seems like fans did so while Jimin attended the show.

Watch Benjamin's live cover, below!






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