The ‘Twilight’ vampire romance novels have earned a very captive audience with their best-selling books and big box office films. The book has also turned one woman into a captive inmate.

Lori Teel of Portales, New Mexico was placed in handcuffs and a jail cell for failing to return several overdue library materials that included one of the ‘Twilight’ books.

A judge issued the warrant over the $35.98 worth of library fees after she failed to answer a court summons regarding the missing book and movies. Her attorney claims the court sent the summons to the wrong address. The address in question went to a home where “Teel hadn’t lived since childhood.”

After the warrant was issued, police responded to a disturbance call involving Teel in which her husband allegedly assaulted someone. Police ran her record and found the warrant ordering her to be placed under arrest regarding the library fines.

Teel denied checking the items out. The library claims their records show she checked out ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ DVD set and the original ‘Twilight’ novel and has yet to return them. Her attorney plans to fight the charges and her arrest with a countersuit against the courts.

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