Paris Hilton doesn't appreciate the labels she's been hit with since starring in reality shows like The Simple Life and Paris Hilton’s My New BFF. She'd rather be known for her work as a businesswoman.

The hotel heiress spoke at length with Harper's Bazaar about her desire to shed the self-described "spoiled, materialistic, bratty" perception the public has of her and let her accomplishments speak for themselves.

"I want to be known as a businesswoman," she said. "I don't want to be known as a reality TV star, I don't like the way that sounds.”

Hilton continued, reaffirming what she's been spouting for years: The ditzy character she cultivated for television doesn't reflect her actual personality, and she's ready to move beyond it.

"I have really grown past that," she said. "Now I mostly focus on my empire and my brand, rather than everything else that comes with the reality star kind of life.”

"I spend my time working rather than just enjoying myself and being on vacation," she continued. "I am very focused on my business and when you live in that mind frame, you can stay away from the trashy tabloids.”

Hilton also takes credit for the high cost of celebrity club appearances, saying she started the trend of demanding more money for showing up to parties and events.

"When I moved to New York as a teenager I would just party all the time, but now people think I am actually smart because I have parlayed that into a very lucrative business," she said. "With partying, no one had ever been paid to go to a party. I was the first one to kind of invent that in Las Vegas at 20 years old. Back in the day, a DJ would maybe get $200 and they would be hidden in a DJ booth. Now they are headliners, making millions of dollars—the whole attraction is them. I saw that coming before it was actually happening."

Head over to Harper's Bazaar to read their full profile on Paris Hilton.

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