Are Paris Jackson and Emile Hirsch dating?

On Tuesday (March 9), Hirsch posted a photo of him and Jackson sitting at a table with the caption, “hiding out with you.”

Hirsch’s The Immaculate Room co-star Kate Bosworth commented on the post with a heart emoji.

While many viewed it as just a photo with a friend, others speculated that the actor and singer might be an item. The pair's age difference also quickly became a topic of conversation, as Jackson is 22 and Hirsch is 35. “This relationship makes me uncomfortable,” one follower wrote.

"He’s actually one of the youngest homies of mine," Jackson wrote in a seemingly since-deleted Instagram comment, per E! News. "One of my best friends is in their 50s. You probably don't have friends older than you because elders may find you annoying or immature lol."

"Not to mention another close friend of mine is 76," she added. "Age is a number, I enjoy the company of people [of] all ages. I am the student and teach of people from 5 years younger than me to 50 years older than me. nothing wrong with that."

After setting the record straight, Jackson shared a meme regarding the rumors on her Instagram Story. "Is that your new bf?" someone chasing another person asks in the meme. "P just taking a pic with a guy,” the second caption reads.

@ParisJackson Instagram
@ParisJackson Instagram

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