When some people hear the words "clinical trials" they often feel like they would be treated like a guinea pig. Well, that is not the case at a local clinic here in Victoria.

Crossroads Clinical Research specializes in clinical research and drug testing and they have current openings for diabetes research. Do you or someone you know have diabetes? Doctors in the Victoria area are looking for people with diabetes to participate in new and breakthrough treatments that may help future generations with this condition. This participation is no cost to you. In fact, you are paid for taking part. And health insurance is not affected or even required.

That's right. It is NO COST to you and your insurance company isn't even billed.

Crossroads Clinical Research does all types of clinical testing and trials. To see if you qualify for any current or future trials all it takes is a simple blood test done in house. Even if you don't qualify for a current study, your information will be kept on file for potential use in the future. Remember, you are compensated for your time/travel etc and you really could be doing some real good for yourself and others suffering from a number of diseases.

They are located at 1501 E. Red River right here in Victoria. Their number is 361-574-7800.

Or for more information, please visit Crossroads Clinical Research

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