There were hearts breaking all over Texas Wednesday as the news of Schroeder Hall owner, the Divine Mrs. Linda Krause passing made its way through our communities. If you knew Linda Krause, you loved her. Period. She was a tiny woman with a fiery heart, wild pink hair and her kindness filled the room, as much as her laugh did.

Our hearts are with her family and her 2nd family at Schoeder Hall.

I had the honor of sitting with Linda a few years ago inside Schoeder Hall as she detailed her life and her love of Schoeder Hall for a feature article I was writing for Victoria In Motion, Winter Issue 2019. She was unmistakably passionate about keeping the flame of Schroeder Hall burning after she had decided to purchase and restore it. My favorite part of the story outside of the fact that she and her late husband Bill had made a promise that if they ever had the money to buy Schoeder Hall, their favorite hang out, they would buy it, which she did...on Ebay. The best part? Linda had NO PREVIOUS BIDDING EXPERIENCE ON EBAY so for the first few bids, she didn't realize it but she was bidding against herself! She had no idea! Luckily friends and family were able to show her the way!  I'm telling you if you knew Linda, you loved her! At one point in the process, now that she was educated on Ebay bidding, Linda got so frustrated at the other bidders inching through their bids that she dropped a whopping $200,000 on the last bid and shut it down. Then, just as she had promised her husband, she opened the doors of Schroeder Hall and spent her final days restoring it from the ground up.

Next time you're headed to Schroeder Hall, think of her. She would love that...almost as much as she loved glitter, and boy, did Mrs. Linda Krause, LOVE glitter.

A private memorial was held for Mrs. Krause for family and friends earlier this week.

Rest in Peace sweet spirit, and thank you for giving us Schroeder Hall again.

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