A few weeks after the release of their Mirrorland album, a tweet calling EarthGang the new OutKast has sparked quite the debate on social media.

The comparisons of both Atlanta duos have casually floated across timelines in recent weeks—and throughout EarthGang's rise over the last couple of years—but it was a Tuesday (Sept. 10) tweet from music industry figure YesJulz that really set it off.

"Earthgang is like the OutKast of this generation only with two Andre’s. I’m so here for it," she wrote on Twitter. "& don’t fuckin @ me."

The debate caught like wildfire after that, with social media seemingly divided in their opinions on the matter. On a surface level, both acts are comprised of two men from Atlanta, both acts make amazing music, both acts formed when their respective members met in high school. But for some, that's where the similarities end.

"Why niggaz want EarthGang to be the new OutKast so bad? Why they can't just be the first EarthGang? I don't understand the comparison at all. I don't compare Migos to Travis Porter lmfao.... well I actually may have done that before jokingly," someone wrote.

Others tried to break down what they meant by comparing them to get more people to understand.

"Question when I say earthgang has the spirit/soul of OutKast do get what I mean?" a fan asked. "Not saying they on the same level or anything like just the feeling you got when you first heard OutKast is the same way I feel when hear earthgang in today’s music world."

"I don’t wanna say it cause they’re from Atlanta and it’s obvious, but the OutKast vibes coming off this Earthgang album is very much a vibe," another wrote.

After sparking an entire trending topic on Twitter, it finally prompted a response from the members of the Dreamvville duo themselves.

"You see... Atlanta been rocking with us,"  EarthGang wrote in an Instagram post addressing the comparisons. "It’s been Zone 4, SWATS all day an’ day. We’re blessed to stand on the shoulders of greatness and be a light for a NEW generation. To be compared to legends is a humbling honor. But know that we’re blazing our OWN path for the next ones out of Atlanta. There’s only one #Outkast there’s only one #GoodieMob and there’s only #DungeonFamily. AND #WeAreEARTHGANG BABYYYYYYY. We’re just getting started."

Check out more tweets about the EarthGang and OutKast comparisons below. Where do you stand in the debate?

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