Boy, talk about perfect timing. Disney and Pixar’s ‘Brave‘ opens in less than a week, it’s a movie that deals heavily with family and today is Father’s Day. How could a savvy marketing team possibly resist the chance to pull on your heart strings with a special trailer tailored for today?

The past trailers for ‘Brave’ have consistently sidestepped the actual, mystery-cloaked plot of the film to emphasize the relationship between the film’s heroine, Merida and her mother and father, so this video feels like a natural extension of what they’ve been showing us for months. There are a few snippets of new footage here (namely a scene where we see a young Merida first learn to fire her bow and arrow), but the real purpose of this thing seems to be to poke you in the soul and remind you to call your father and ask him to come see ‘Brave’ with you on Friday.

Because, you know, two tickets means more money for Disney. But hey! Family time! Happy Father’s Day!

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